Wellspring of Emotions

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Poetry Is More Than Mere Words, I agree. As a poet I love all poetry verses but the two verses that interest me the most are free and blank verses. The blank verses give me the chance to fill-up their blankness while the free verse gives me the chance to rescue slaves of my thoughts and watch them enjoy freedom.

The book is a completely fascinating one. It wanders in and out of poetry, puns, self-indulgently shifts in and out of borrowed and invented voices, and is tricky enough that, on re-reading it, you may find lines that take your thought on a wild goose chase in a quest to find answers to the real story behind them.

The poems very nature seduces life experiences and tries to involute them into the poem in a prosy manner. It toys with solemnity and its covert theme is the joy and sadness of emotions.

Probably this book is best read in small doses, one or two poems a day. But if you get caught in the web and want it all in one sitting, the freedom from my free verses urges you to go for it!

Enjoy these poems, and you’ll find yourself inspired!

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Author: Chioma Rosemary MadumereChioma Rosemary Onyekaba

Wellspring of Emotions is her first Poetry Collection and it has provided sufficient proof of Chioma’s talent. The pleasures of her own verse can be found in abundance in subjects of love, pain, suffering, bad leadership, education, joy, social lifestyle, peace, and unity. Her style of charmingly presenting her thoughts, desires, and feelings in a way that suggests shrewdness in distinctions yet surprisingly catholic in taste but frank in all its variety brands her an exceptional young creative star with great intellectual depth that surpasses her age.


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