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Silver Lining

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Silver Lining is a story about family, love, loss, separation, faith, war, friendship, hope, courage, and forgiveness.

Author: Alieu Bundu

Silver Lining tells the heart-wrenching traumatic story of an orphaned child named Alimu as he grows up in a Country torn apart by a rebel war. When Alimu passes the National Primary School Examination, his father takes him to the city to live with an aunt, his father’s only sister, to pursue his studies. His aunt, instead, subjects him to terrible maltreatment. After he falls apart with his aunt, Alimu faces all the challenges life throws at him head-on until he achieves his dreams.


1 review for Silver Lining

  1. Kori Cahill

    “Silver lining: The Saga of an Orphan- Alieu Bundu
    Silver lining is a beautiful yet heart wrenching story of a young boy forced to make his own way in life after his father is killed by rebels in Sierra Leone.
    Betrayed by greedy opportunists who promised to look out for him, young Alimu shows a courage, persistence, and incredible amount of strength as he battles to overcome the many obstacles he is forced to face in his life. The adversity he faces, and his determination to make something of himself, result in a beautiful coming of age story that can supply inspiration to the masses.
    I initially struggled with the authors writing style as it was quite different from what I was used to but I quickly settled in and allowed Alimu to find his voice and share his story. I implore you to give this book a try!” Kori Cahill

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