Surrounded by Idiots

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Firstly, the author argues that communication happens on the listeners’ terms. What is understood depends on the listener and it is rare that an entire message gets through exactly as conceived in your mind. As an individual, you will always be in the minority with regard to how you communicate. By adjusting yourself to how other people want to be treated, you become more effective in your communication.

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Author: Thomas Erikson


Why is speaking to some people so easy, while others seem to be total idiots? Why does saying the same things in similar contexts lead to different reactions of different people? Some people, who respond/act like we want, we see as the good guys, while there is something wrong with the others. It turns out that the people we think of as idiots, are generally not actually idiots, we just don’t understand them and their behaviour. The goal of this book is to categorize and understand people better.


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